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Mr. Davis,


I am incredibly angry that your delivery driver did not bother to knock on my door, or leave my package but he had time to fill out and stick an attempted delivery notice on my door, which I heard him do. I tried to catch him as he drove away from my building. We called your customer service number immediately after your driver left, we were told someone would call back within an hour. We explained that due to the late hour of the day, (after 3:30), and the importance of the package that we had concerns about getting the delivery at all. We were told that the dispatcher would contact the driver and tell them to redeliver. After a bit over an hour and a half, we called customer service again and were informed that if it was delivered, it would be the last delivery of the day.

Now, I may not totally understand everything about delivery driving, what with it being rocket science and all, But I don't see how, when a driver makes an error like this, and the customer service is able to contact dispatch within a few minutes of the driver leaving, why he couldn't just turn around and come right back?

This is incredibly unprofessional, not to mention rude! I used to prefer your services, and had both shipped and delivered with your company in the past. Now I would rather use the USPS than your service ever again. I will also never recommend your services for either my friends or business associates.

The fact that it's easier to pull teeth from hens, than get your name from your customer service staff, and that you cannot find any way to contact your company without waiting for your uninterested and under enthusiastic employees to return any contact on their time rather than my or my business time, is unconscionable and extremely poor customer service.

I like many feel that the measure of a company's dedication to their customers satisfaction is related directly to how easy and accessible their upper management and board are. For your company to not list any contacts is unprofessional, however what is worse is the fact that your live customer service people will directly lie in order to avoid giving out any useful information on how to contact the company headquarters. Really, they don't have a number somewhere there for your headquarters? There's not a supervisor who actually wants to make customers happy rather then punch a clock and collect a paycheck? I am incensed at their level of careless contempt for your customers.

Oh, and since you have decided to make yourself unavailable to the public, I am also going to place a copy of this letter in every corporate complaint forum, every web listed forum for unhappy customers and every review for UPS that I can find. And just in case you would like to get hold of me and try to work out a solution to your companies problem with customer service, I charge $500.00 an hour for consulting fees, I will be submitting a bill with my recommendations.


E. Branscum

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Why should they get away with this *** I have had this happen once. Additionally, I have actually come to the door inside of 30 seconds after the first door bell ring, and they already had the notice filled out--in sloppy handwriting, of course.

I can understand that they are pressed for time. But, they need to get their job done--and this can include waiting a few extra seconds for someone to answer the door. This is important especially if people are working nights, are disabled or elderly, or live on upper levels of apartment buildings. And worse, there is no easy way to contact their immediate supervisor so they can get written up for doing this.

Definitely, I prefer when online vendors use USPS (slower delivery times, but at least you get the package when it does arrive), FedEx, or DHL (which apparently went the way UPS needs to go: belly up).


UPS threw my package on porch opened and drove like a maniac to get away when I tried to talk to them. I reported the driver and the manager was rude and defended him say they are always in a big hurry and must throw things.

He also was smoking cigarettes and they said that was fine with them . Terrible service and stinks


Not sure where you are located, but I live in North Kansas City. I have had several similar experiences.

Today, I was called a liar by the supervisor at the warehouse. She doesn't believe that the driver did not knock nor rung the bell but still left a notice.