Ups driver refused to deliver my baby crib to my apartment,with excuse that he is only one man and left the ripped package on the steps halfway to the apartment. As soon as he closed the door with a major attitude the crib slipped down the steps and collided into the front door,blocking the entrance.

At 37 weeks pregnant,I am stuck inside the house,not able to move the crib or even see in what condition it is. "Amazing customer service"!

I have never ever complained about anything before,but this human being (politely addressing to the driver) has crossed every line. Will pursue this matter as far as I have to.

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New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #695925

UPS should change its name to 'drop and run ' my block has alot of deliveries and their one lady who is retired and TRIES to catch the ups driver before it because a joke--she'll see them coming and they still drop in gardens --on a open front porch so anyone can pick and rum with delivery--on the box even says signature required and boy is that a joke again--fed ex drivers and see and read -maybe the brown uniforms have are a run as fa st as possible theme--- uptown new orleans

to tctctc Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #696112

WTF do you think they're supposed to do? Sit there and wait 5 minutes for an old lady to get up and walk to the door when they're NOT being paid for a signature.

Simply writing signature required won't do anything. To have a Signature Required costs about $5 extra. People complain if they don't complete delivery and leave a door tag and people complain if they drop it and run.

People can't be pleased!!! FedEx drivers are just the same.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #695742

Please people, get over yourselves! Why do you expect the driver to go above and beyond what they are being paid for?

Because you're pregnant he should take it in your house and assemble it for you?! As for the tear in the box, that's because it wasn't a sturdy box! And also, he IS only one man, they're not supposed to handle something heavier than 70 pounds by themselves! UPS may get sued!

Something 70+ pounds must be carried by two people! You're lucky he took it even half-way up the stairs.

Also, delivering to apartments has always been a problem.

Usually, most boxes are delivered to the main office. It depends on how the apartment complex handles it.

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