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Every once I a while UPS service is fine and they do what they purport to do. Other times, particularly if you have to call and work with customer service, they are obtuse, inconsistent, and utterly unhelpful.

I recently had to reschedule a delivery from Amazon. I tried to do so first via My UPS online, but was unable to. I called UPS who said that this was because Amazon had not provided some needed information and that if I wanted to reschedule a delivery I should do so by calling them.

After I missed the first delivery attempt (Thursday night) I called them as advised the next morning, rescheduled the delivery for Monday, and paid their fee. The rep did not bother to tell me that the package was already on the truck and it would still be attempted for delivery that day anyway, so there was NO POINT in trying to reschedule. I was out of town and received a text later in the day that a 2nd delivery attempt had been made -- exactly what I was trying to avoid. I called UPS again, first requesting that my redelivery request just be honored (and counted as a second delivery attempt in case I missed them again Monday) since I paid the fee (and was not informed that it would be pointless), but the rep I spoke with said there were 'no guarantees' then started angrily arguing back at me when I refuted this response. All she could say is 'nothing is guaranteed' and 'someone will call you Monday morning at 9.'

Why is it so hard to acknowledge a mistake and provide a service you claim to provide?

Not satisfied, I called Amazon who called UPS again. I was informed by UPS via Amazon that if I miss the delivery again on Monday, I could call Amazon and, again, request another delivery.

I then CALLED UPS AGAIN to request a refund for the fee paid for a service I was never going to receive. Apparently this is also mired in complications: Amazon telling me it's a UPS thing, and UPS telling me only Amazon can request that. Then I spoke with a UPS supervisor who tried to make sure I would be reimbursed the fee paid for the botched redelivery service, but just said, call the billing department when they're open.

At some point in this debacle, the delivery was rescheduled for Tuesday, WHICH I NEVER REQUESTED. UPS again blamed Amazon, which I found highly unlikely. I had never spoken to anyone about rescheduling for Tuesday. How could this have happened?? AND I still had to follow-up and call them to make sure I am not charged for the ONE AND ONLY delivery rescheduling I tried to make.

On the following Monday I finally spoke with two competent people who were able to make sure I would not be charged for service I did not receive. (To add to the annoyance, when I called to follow-up on this, they kept referring to the Tuesday delivery as the rescheduled service.)

Every time I spoke with a UPS rep - except for supervisors, who seemed able to comprehend the issue - they constantly interrupted me and seemed to not really understand the problem. It felt like the majority of my time on the phone with them was spent trying to explain the situation in different ways so that they could understand. I, the customer, had to do so much work to help them assist me for customer service issues they should be able to address.

Oh, and then there was the time UPS left a package with someone in my building (which was not authorized) without leaving an InfoNotice, which then led to another gross waste of time trying to locate it.

What a horrible waste of time and so dysfunctional. I DREAD ever having to talk to UPS customer service again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Poor customer service.

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