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I am A wedding designer. I ordered table cloths for a wedding from New York to be shipped to Seattle on August 3rd.

The company sent me all of the proper tracking updates via email as I requested, and sent the package out the same day. I received my first UPS email on the 3rd as well, with an estimated delivery date of 8/10. On Monday, Aug 10th at 5:35pm I received another email from UPS stating my package had been delivered to my porch. When I arrived home it was not present.

I entered the tracking info and it said delivered, I talked to a rep via phone who also said it had been delivered, so I assumed it was stolen. The wedding was August 22nd. I had to pay out-of-pocket for different cloths which were not the proper match (I didn't trust doing another delivery) and the bride's mother WAS NOT HAPPY, obviously. I assure you, I heard about it.

Today, August 25th, a package arrived.. my cloths!! TWO WEEKS LATE!!! I was not aware it took 3 1/2 weeks for a package which had a PAID 3-5 day shipping guarantee!

Furthermore, could anyone PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY I receive a delivery email from the driver when the package wasnt acually delivered?????? I certainly cant get that answer from UPS!!! In fact, I couldnt get ANY kind of response from UPS until i put them on blast via Twitter! I am not a robot, I am A human being!

Customer service IS NOT AUTOMATED SYSTEMS. I'm a person, I want to speak to a (COMPETENT) person!! I'M SICK TO DEATH of being redirected to websites for "convenience", or of only getting a response via a computer, and i'm SICK TO DEATH of having to navigate through 15 layers of automated b.s before I CAN actually talk to a person! If I ask to please speak to a supervisor I should get one!

and if I get one I dont want b.s apologies to placate me while being talked in circles! I want results!!! As a wedding designer, my entire business relies on creating the perfect day, down to every last detail! My Reputation is EVERYTHING.

It is one of the most important days in our adult life and people pay a lot to make it magical. UPS certainly destroyed that this month. I also run an online vintage shop, and normally print my shipping lables from UPS. Not any more.

FedEx can have all of my business from now on.

I wish I could upload all 3 emails! None of this is exaggerated and all of the dates are correct.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: there is no solution, the wedding is over. Im tired of dealing with automated nonsense. I want REAL service. I want this story to go to a higher-up so proper changes can be made to the way UPS does business or I will: FedEX. .

I didn't like: Reputation tarnished by your poor service, Package 3 weeks late.

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