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I am expecting a package for 2 days that was marked "set out to delivery" from Dallas location.

day 1 : it was on the truck at 7.15 in the morning. i wait for a whole day, and at 5 pm finally decide to walk my dog just around the block from where i can keep an eye on my house. I see the truck leaving my house at 5.10 and i run towards it waving for them to stop. The driver looks at me like i am a maniac and drives by so fast. i see a falied attempt notice on my door that states the next day delivery window of 2-5pm .

day 2: i decide to be home the whole day and do some house cleaning in the morning. the truck comes by at 11.30 am (no regard for the estimated time notice) . i dont hear the first bell and by the time i rush to open the door when i see the truck from my window, the guy drives off putting yet another notice on my door. :0

i call the customer care no. to see if they can reschedule for the same day just to get an attitude from the rudest representative i ever spoke to .

well my last business with UPS that's for sure

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

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Use good old reliable US Mail! But if you want problems and greef use UPS !!


So it's the driver's fault you don't answer the door?


LOL, I don't think you have much choice about using them again or not if you ever receive packages.