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My fiancé sent me something for Valentine’s Day but the parcel arrived like this! I’m supposed to open this on the Day but I’m so anxious there are going to be two little boxes inside and nothing in them because they got stolen This is the first time this happened to me

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Express Mail Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Location: San Pablo, Laguna

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Okay. I rang my fiancé and we decided that I really need to open the package as there is valuables inside.

It’s great everything is intact however, this company ruined the surprise I hope the couriers should stop doing it because this really stressed me out.

If only they could have put a note there or something instead of nothing. Just tampered parcel


Drama 101 is down the hall. What a jelly...

That package was poorly sealed.

It's not as if someone steamed it open and checked out the contents with a letter opener as if they were in a 50's detective show. If this stresses you out, your fiance best reconsider the decision to marry you and run for the hills..

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