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UPS run such an incompetent service, which is also leading me to submit a formal complain with them.

I recently ordered an item worth £600 ($942) from Amazon, the item was sent from Amazon's warehouse and collected my UPS to ship it to the UK (from the US). However, UPS failed to scan the item and therefore did not activate tracking and to my disbelief UPS ended up losing my item. Yes, I wasted a day waiting in for an item that as never going to arrive in the first place.

Amazon then had to send out a replacement item, granted, their service has been much better up to now, but on the morning of supposed delivery, my tracking states it has missed "Scheduled connection" and will have to be delivered tomorrow instead. Yet again, another wasted day, not to mention I'm going to have to waste tomorrow as well waiting for the item to arrive - I'm not even confident it will.

UPS have been absolutely useless, they run such an incompetent, disgraceful service that I would advise you think twice before using. First they lose my item, then they decide not to deliver it on the supposed delivery date, therefore I've had to waste three days for this item to be delivered and believe it or not, I have a busy life from day to day. Not to mention their support service is just awful.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $942.

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