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My package was not delivered on a Monday because the driver stated the "business was closed." I do not have a business at my residence and there is always someone available to receive packages in the household. The driver never passed by according to his observations.

It was still early enough to pick up so I requested to pick up on that Monday and was told I would be called within the hour for the pickup location. I was never called back.

On Tuesday, I attempted to locate my package. I had no email, no call, nothing. I made an online UPS account and it got me nowhere. I finally got an email response from customer service on where to pick up the package. I was only available on Monday to pick it up. I now needed the package delivered since I would be out of town.

I was prompted to contact Amazon to submit the redelivery request. I did so and had no updates.

It was a week later so I contacted Amazon again and we contacted UPS together to find resolution. We talked to a UPS representative who cut me off and told me where I could pick up my package. I explained I couldn't pick it up. They told me I had until Thursday to pick it up. I won't be back until Thursday, because again, the UPS representative was not listening to me. I need my package delivered. The UPS rep was rude and explained that there would be a fee charged to Amazon.

We'll see how my package arrives tomorrow. Real cute that they're charging Amazon for their screw up.

Personally, I will never use or recommend UPS ever again. I would strongly deter anyone I know from using their services. I find they are lacking in several different aspects of their customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

UPS Cons: Poor customer service, Lack or real solutions to issues via email, Lack of listening to the customer, Lack of accountability, Charging for issues caused by ups.

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