I have had numerous packages sent to me and i try and have the sender use Fedex or the Postal service but most of the time they use UPS; anyway UPS doesnt care about a residential delivery, they will always deliver to a business first, this is why a package will sit for 2-3 days before it starts moving again.A UPS driver told me i was lucky he was delivering my package or i would not have gotten it until after the weekend, this was a thursday and the package was to be delivered on Monday.

The best thing to do is boycott UPS and use a different carrier, the BBB and your state and local authorities I dont think can help. I never send anything by UPS and my entire family doesnt as well, keep spreading the word and hit UPS where it counts.

Thanks for letting me vent.Merry Christmas !

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boycott ups!!they are the worst, they throw packages around and steal what they want, then when you dont get your package they say that there going to investigate, and that takes a week!

nothing but liars and thieves.

the last time they made a delivery it was late and the driver dropped it and it bounced and hit my house and sounded like he threw it at my house.total worthless company!!


lets be real.we all have fellow and former employees that are liars, thieves, sarcastic, unhappy, lazy, etc..

far too many companies get a bad rapp due to these guys above. All companies have these issues, whom ever hires them next will have them, its people who make or brake a company.

Ups, fed ex, dhl, etc...they all have issues like the rest of us.


My package was to be delivered between 2 and 5 as per the notice left on my door the day before.The notice states between 2 and 5 and then after 5.

I waited until 5:27 since a signature was required. I left for work and the next morning called ups. They stated that the driver came at 6:30 so they already shipped my package back to the sender. Three supervisors later and they still refused to turn my package around so I could pick it up.

Basically they transported something that belonged to me across state lines (unlawful since it was without my permission) and refused to correct the situation. Had they marked the slip after 5 I would understand.

Making me wait hours and then arriving 1 1/2 hours later than that is unacceptable.I do not use ups unless forced to.


You are making extremely false accusations about this company.You are making false statements with no proof to back up the way UPS handles their deliveries.

UPS has the most flawless shipping record out there(FACT). Your package will never sit for multiple days without being commuted unless it is the weekend or the shipper has yet to send out your package. There is no holding area for packages unless the customer requests will call. UPS also differs from Fedex because Fedex contracts employees out and has specific delivery types (residential or ground etc.) UPS drivers cover 1 specific area and delivers all business, ground, next day and residential out of the same truck.

Most routes require business customers before residential stops, not because they don't care about the residential customers (business owners live in houses too). It would not be possible to successfully complete all deliveries as business hours usually end at 5. Drivers could not possibly deliver residential and leave themselves no time to make it to business customers before they close and make the scheduled pickups for the day. As far as your driver saying you are lucky to get your package, more than likely he was being sarcastic.

That driver would be in the office the next day getting a write up for simply not delivering a package.He could also have been talking about the fact that you received you package before the scheduled delivery date(not sure, your explenation is...

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ups worker in covington ga stole all of my valuable christmas gifts and sent the lesser ones including doggie presents.the box was delivered unopened, he packed them out of my eyesight and stole what he wanted to.

My grandson's xbox was never delivered. shame on willie. in this little country town I didn't think this could happen. from now on I will use the slow postal service.

Willie is a thief.and his family had a great christmas on me while my grandchildren got nothing.

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