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Update by user Dec 27, 2013

After an alleged internal investigation, UPS personnel determined there was nothing more that they could do, not that anything had been "Done" to begin with.

This was a very sobering experience. Sobering to the point that I will impart it to everyone I meet in the hopes that I can keep anyone else from having the same thing happen to them.

Aside from the gross inconsistencies in the package handling, from the boxes being opened and contents transferred while in UPS hands, to the internal cover up and subsequent denial of claims, even thought they admit to "Loosing" one of the two boxes.

Very, very disappointed in how UPS choose to disappear a paid for shipment, then cover up and refuse to make good in the end. Not what I would expect from a company claiming to be a world class establishment.

I sincerely hope no one else ever has to be subjected to the same series of events from UPS.

Original review posted by user Oct 30, 2013

As if all the stories about UPS and the corrupt inner workings of theft aren't enough for a clean up of their image, (FedEx doesn't have this reputation), the theft steamrolls on there.

After having 2 very large boxes with very important contents dropped off at the local Newbury Park branch, not only was the requested insurance dropped from both of them, but the boxes were opened, (Retaped with different tape), one box disappeared altogether, and the other box was packed with the lesser value items and send to it's final destination. The box that showed up was not the same weight as the original manifest showed, it was off by a whopping 8lbs.

Further evidence of "Issues" with the shipping came in the form of the complete lack of tracking information as it traveled across the country. The other box shows it never even left the dock here?! After getting the complete run around from all available UPS personnel, (Have you ever tried to deal with UPS for a claim?-Then you know!), a nerve was finally struck and corporate contacted me and instated an investigation. In the end, it was all a dog and pony show, at one point, a potential for a police report was made mention of, but they never followed through with that.

No explanation was made for how the wrong contents were delivered in the wrong box with the wrong weight, never mind how such a large box and large contents could "Vanish". Camera's are allegedly in place at the facility, but conveniently not accessible for any reference for this issue.

Bottom line, there is ZERO confidence in UPS or their ability to ship a package without damage or theft, let alone have the insurance be kept on a package. With so many other options out there, many being less expense and more reliable, I simply cannot think of a single reason to use UPS over any of them...?

Monetary Loss: $4180.

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Vancouver, Washington, United States #768138

you're a liar, plain and simple. you work for a major motion picture company but have rudimentary english and grammar.

if your item was stolen, call the police. you won't though, because the truth is you have some axe to grind with ups and will make up stuff on the internet instead.

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #736287

What were the important contents in the boxes?

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