I get my sister to buy and ship shoes out for me from Mississippi all the time. She went into the facility in Batesville Ms on a Saturday.

they know what she sends out to New Orleans all the time. The employee at the facility packaged and taped the shoes in front of my sister. When I finally received the package I noticed the package was extremely light so I called the facility to let them know before I opened it. They gave me the go ahead to open it.

Before I did, I made sure to do so in front of the business store, and I noticed the original printed sticker from the facility where it was shipped from was never tampered or ripped. (It was placed in the middle of the open where the two flaps open). The package was empty except for the two empty shoe boxes. When I called the facility again to report it they said they would do an investigation and that a UPS driver would go and collect the box for investigation.

When I asked the employee for the tracking number and information she hesitated to give it to me and told me to call in the morning when a supervisor was available after she told me he was with a customer. So the next day I called again and asked for a supervisor. When I asked him what they were gonna do on their end he told me that they were waiting for an answer from corporate for the investigation. I asked him if they were going to check the cameras because it had to be someone from that facility.

He told me there were no cameras in that facility or any other UPS facility and that it was my responsibility to put insurance on a package to cover for any loss. We were never offered any insurance so none was placed. I told him "cover a loss? I'm buying insurance to make sure when of your employees doesn't steal what's inside the package".

He continued to argue and talk over me. He said that they would reimburse me $100.00 plus the shipping costs. The shoes were worth over $350 together. so I hung up and called UPS customer service to file a complaint with the facility about not having cameras.

She questioned me. "What are you trying to report? That there aren't any cameras? There's already an investigation" she also continued to argue saying they trust their employees 100% and that's what the purpose of the investigation was.

When I asked her to redirect me because she wasn't helping me, she hung up on me. My whole point is, how is it that a multi millionaire company doesn't have any cameras in their facilities? How is it that a company so large with so many employees can trust each and every one with customers packages and not have any cameras monitoring them. Basically, anyone of the employees can access your package, steal what's in it, and you won't get reimbursed full amount or get your package because you didn't purchase insurance to make sure no one working for ups steals it.

horrible customer service! Horrible company ethics!

And horrible staff! Never again using UPS.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Chantilly, Virginia, United States #760958

Even if they had cameras do you expect someone to sit for a couple days straight looking at video to find out what happened? And even then, unless they zoomed in on each package it would be impossible to tell which was yours.

Have common sense. And you expect UPS to install thousands of cameras in its facilities on your say-so? And how would that help you find your shoes?

From all of the evidence you have presented, I would suggest you ask sis about the missing shoes. Sounds like she is ripping you off.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #760699

Something does not sound right here.

Shoes disappeared from a sealed box, and the box had not been tampered with.

AND you want $350 as well.


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