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My neighbor was to receive a package for Christmas from UPS. It did not arrive.

He checked on it and was told it was delivered to a woman supposedly at his residence. The normal UPS driver showed up at his house and lied to him stating he had delivered the package but could not identify anyone at the house he delivered it to. He was very rude and basically thumbed his nose at them. He told them there was nothing they could do about it or to him.

The package was a Xbox 3 and I would be willing to bet he stole it and lied on his delivery sheet.

The only name we got from him was John and he delivers locally in Plant City, Fl. My neighbor has sent in a police report.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Heroin addicts.. We get random drug tests.


We are screened through metal detectors..

Wow.. You are a scorned person who has been mislead with B.S.


What an ***... Fed ex employee's write these lies trying to convince consumers to use anybody but #1 rated UPS.


I have a friend that works for UPS and she said anything that looks like it maybe worth money they open. The drivers scan it and drop it off at their friends houses.

She also said that when boxes come in from HP, Dell, Tmobile that they open them and put the box in the trash.

I have seen computers, ipods, windows software, watches, psp's, phones, movies, gift cards for up to $1000, xbox, play station's, makeup, handbags and cameras. UPS doesnt care, i know this because my friend said even the area manager takes things home with him.


They stole my Percocet from the VA Hospital. It is shipped every month from the Pharmacy.

Fed Ex used to do it with no problems.

Now UPS does it and their drivers steal my medication and are late every month. It is like being held Hostage.

Cayenne, Upper Normandy, France #227826

UPS s u c k s . They hire the worst of the worst, and incorporate them into the gangster Union mentality.

Did you know that many UPS drivers are heroin addicts? True tory. They buy their junk on the routes.

The XBox probably went out the back of the truck for a bundle or two.

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