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I sell on ebay and sold a set of twin American Girl Bitty Baby dolls. When the box arrived, one of the dolls and the teeter totter were not in there.

I see others have had this problem and know why UPS offers automatic insurance. Because they know they hire people who steal out of packages and they will have to reimburse customers. They ought to be made to take lie detector tests instead of drug tests. I do not know if I will ever use them to ship again.

I trust USPS but not these people anymore. Thanks for reading

Monetary Loss: $97.

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his don’t make since to me the UPS employee is going to open your box steel one of the dolls re-tape the box and send it on to your buyer. Why would he not steel both dolls, he is already risking his job just for the one.

I will bet you an ice-cream cone that the one that was stolen was the more expensive one.

And we all know e-bay buyers would never lie or try to get around the system. Could it be the buyer put a bid on 2 dolls hoping to get one and when they were the wining bid on 2 dolls one just had to get lost in shipping.


Yeah those UPS guys are crazy about American Girl Bitty Baby dolls, lol.

The box probably opened up due to poor packaging, (lots of empty space in the box) then some of the contents fell out. They're probably sitting in the lost and found. You should have them check.

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