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Here is what I wrote and am thinking about sending to any local news agency. Not that it will change anything any way but its a good way to vent.

I received a package from UPS with a big dirty boot print on top of the box containing a $300 item. I was really disturbed that UPS would let this happen or not even attempt to wipe the boot print off of it. I was just wondering if your station has ever done a piece on the poor quality of UPS delivery services and how they get away with ridiculous service like this. I know this probably happens all the time but if your interested I took several photographs of this delivery to illustrate the problem at hand and will be more than willing to send them to you if you ever plan on doing a story about the poor service provided by the said delivery service. If not I'm sorry for wasting your time with something so petty.

Thanks for your time,


Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Sure looks odd.

A perfect shoe print on the box with no damage to the box.

Yet, it would take great pressure to leave a perfect footprint on the box.

Something does not look right with this picture.


You are wrong about this not changing anything! When the news stations get your letter they will have their laugh of the day!


I use to be a shipper in a factory, we often dropped boxes on the ground when they were still flat, and they got stepped on. Then we picked it up, put the product inside and sent it away. If the box has no dent or creases it was most likely the original shipper stepping on a flattened box.


I am also experiencing terrible customer service issues with UPS. Two separate boxes with damaged merchandise & much misinformation relative to how to wile/resolve damage claim. Terrible customer service & handling of merchandise delivered is horrible.


Maybe UPS received the package from your vendor that way. And was the item actually damaged? No, then stop your crying.


Or maybe it was a worker with only one arm whom had to carry the box with that one arm and one leg and use the other leg to hop to and from delivery sites.


how do you know that your package didnt fall onto the foot of a topended worker that had fallen to save another package from hitting the ground? hero or make the call.