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My investment company did their part by sending me a check for a large amount last week through UPS. They even covered the $25 overnight delivery fee for me.

I took Thursday off of work just to stay at home and make sure I was there to receive it. I waited ALL day long, and nothing....just to find out late in the evening that someone forgot it in the warehouse, and it was never even on a delivery truck. Noone bothered to inform me of any of this. The next day, I took another day off of work (2 days loss and wasted for nothing) and called the UPS 800 number, and the rep took my number and told me someone would call me from the local office near me with information re: my package.

A woman called and told me around 10:15 am that it would arrive to me before noon that day (yesterday). She also left me with her call back number in case I needed to call again. At past 1 pm, still nothing. I called her back and told that I still hadn't received my package.

She puts me on hold, and then comes back and tells me that my package DID indeed get scanned and physically removed from the warehouse and put on the truck, BUT they now can't find it! They were supposedly looking all day and night, and had managers even searching the warehouse and dispatching ALL drivers to check their trucks. Although the driver of the truck my check was supposedly put on, said she couldn't find it anywhere on her truck...And today I've called the 800 number several times to no avail, and everyone just keeps saying how sorry they are, but not taking any accountability for losing my package. I can't do anything since it's Saturday (as well as Labor Day wknd), and now I have no choice but to call my investment company on Tuesday, have them do a stop payment and send another check on Tuesday, and wait even longer.

I've encountered huge financial setbacks and loss due to UPS and their horrible negligence. I have a strong suspicion that my check was stolen by someone working at UPS, and I'm contacting an attorney on Tuesday to start the process of filing a lawsuit against UPS.

I will NEVER in life do any type of business with this company again. BEWARE OF UPS!!

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Agreed with the previous comment about using USPS. They also offer tracking, and are cheap.

Fedex has very slow delivery, with not many tracking updates.

You are from CA, a sue-happy state... You should just learn to demand reimbursement and save everyone's time.


I just experienced the exact same situation with UPS.


If you were able to wait until Tuesday, why did they send it overnight? Why did they pay $25 (A package rate) to send it UPS?


This is like one of those comedic television commercials about people at the office that screwed up. In the Us, they could could have sent the letter Express Mail, through the USPS for half the price.

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