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I don't think that UPS should be the one who decides on what packages require a signature. I had ordered some perishable items via 2-day Air. UPS decided that they wanted a signature in order to leave the package. Because this was a Friday, the next scheduled delivery day was the following Monday. The items are going to be ruined, and will be going straight into the trash. The vendor had e-mailed me telling me that they had requested that... Read more

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Stopped at a UPS store on a Thursday (3PM) and dropped a package to be mailed to India with diabetic medications (insulin) for my mom who is visiting India. I was told that the package would be in India on Saturday with delivery on Monday. I paid $172 for shipping it. Thursday night I get an email from UPS saying that the delivery has been delayed due to severe weather conditions. There were no weather issues in Ohio, Kentucky or Pennsylvania on... Read more

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  • Sep 15, 2014
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Well.. It looks like lately ups is delivering late. I had 2 packages to be delivery today sept. 15. 2014. But now it said it will be for tomorrow. No more ups !!

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According to the online tracking information, our three packages arrived in our city on Thursday, Feb. 6. They were scanned, and on Friday, Feb. 7, they showed online as "out for delivery." They never arrived, and the online info was changed late in the afternoon to indicate that "Emergency conditions beyond UPS' control" prevented delivery. Many roads in our area are snow-covered, but ours has been clear since Wednesday, so we should be easily... Read more

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My package was supposed to arrive today that was very important but nothing came due to weather but you know what UPS? I saw UPS delivery people out delivering today. Seriously really pissed off. This is the 3rd thing in a row in the past year. My skateboard that shipped from UPS and apparently there was bad weather in Iowa. So I checked and it said it was a nice sunny day out. Hmm bad weather huh? It came 2 weeks after the delivery date. The... Read more

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Very angry with UPS right now. Ordered a Christmas present from Amazon for a friend I see once a year. Paid extra for 2-day shipping. Was told it would arrive by 8 pm 12/19 (last night). Tracked the package -- at that time, it was in Louisville, KY. No problem -- this morning it was in Columbus. Still no problem -- only two hours away. Checked email. Had email from UPS telling me delivery has been rescheduled to 12/23 -- when I will not be here.... Read more

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I feel like UPS hires any one now a days, these people don't know how to *** find houses. I live in a house there is no gates and obviously not an apartment. These dumb *** went to some *** apartment complex went to the front desk and said here this is for who ever lives as my address mind you I live in a house... there is no *** front desk, this was a Christmas gift for my boyfriend in the military and these dumb *** *** drivers just gave it to... Read more

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Driver not doing his job. Tells boss he tried to deliver a package that I paid $100 to deliver, TWICE and no one home. Sorry pal, we were home both times. He NEVER came to the door. Customer service says, "OH MY, That's the driver's fault.". "Too bad customer, you can drive 20 miles to the distribution center and pick up your package". "You want a refund?---call the guy you ordered from and tell him to ask for it"? WHAT? I paid for this... Read more

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I ordered a mattress from Amazon. The first attempt at delivery UPS told me to sign the paper they left on the door with instructions on where to leave it. which I did. (side door, etc) The second day they came back and left a note and said that now the package requires a signature at the time of delivery. I called and spoke to someone at UPS that said someone locally would call me back in an hour. No one called. I called back 3 hours later... Read more

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If you need to contact anyone at ups, use the first initial of the first name and the last name Here is a link to the management team: I insured a package for $5000. Ups paid only $1000 because the package was mailed from a UPS store and cited the following clause from a contract which was not given to me: 1 Maximum Declared Values The maximum declared value per package is $50,000, except... Read more

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