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The worst service I had seen till yet. I had a package shipped to me from Old Navy. I hear the bell and by the time I reach the door the persob left with a message that the package is to be collected from the Tremont Street, Boston centre. I visit the store twice and the storekeeper tells me they don't have the package. She brought in a wrong package and asked me to sign for it. It was hillarious for me as seconds before she checked my id. Might...
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I have been trying to get my bed and mattress delivered for over a week now. My apartment building has no buzzer so I made sure the 'driver directions' on UPS my choice were to leave them in the mailroom and when they didn't do that I signed all the info notices and they still wouldn't leave the package. I called Customer Service who said I'd be called before the deliveries: this didn't happen. The upside of this is that I have had no bed for...
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I didn't like
  • Seeming inefficiency of ups operations
  • Your delivery
I just had the worst experience with UPS!! I called the UPS FACILITY at Watertown MAsachusetts to track my 2 days shipping charge package and this is what they said: " WE LEFT YOUR PACKAGE AT OUR FACILITY. IT WILL BE RESCHEDULE TO BE DELIVER TOMORROW." I asked: "CAN I GO AND PICK IT UP TO THE UPS FACILITY TODAY, BECAUSE I'M TRAVELING TOMORROW AT 6 am." They said: "NO. IT WILL BE AVAILABLE TO PICK IT UP TOMORROW." I HAVE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE HOW...
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Hate UPS Same thing with 2 packages I'm waiting on here in Richmond, VA They claimed the truck was late. I told them that I received one of my 3 items today and that that item had an...

I didn't like
  • Not on time

UPS Shipping Review

I had a package to be delivered , and it was out to delivery. The delivery was to a business place and they said they attempted the delivery its not true, since we were open from 7am to 3pm. They claim to have tried to delivery at 11am. We were open at that time, no one from UPS showed up.

Bad shipping service Review

By far, the worst ltl carrier! Repeated missed appointments and delivery cancellations.
UPS CUSTOMER SERVICE CHAT Lawrence R.: Hi, this is Lawrence R.. I'll be happy to assist you.
 Customer: Lawrence, I want my package to be left without a signature. What do I do to make this happen? Customer: Hello? Customer: Anybody there? 
Lawrence R.: Just a moment while I review your tracking information. Customer: OK Lawrence R.: Thanks for your patience. In order for UPS to release a shipment without obtaining a signature, the delivery...
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Anonymous to be perfectly honest, while i understand your frustration, I think your language was very demeaning. It is not hard to imagine that this one CSR in a completely different pa...

I didn't like
  • Bad service

My daughter got stuck at the end of her friends road after a snowstorm. She was obviously spinning her tires. A UPS truck started to pull in. Instead of trying to help he got his truck as close as possible and turned his high beams on. When she couldn't move he started blowing his horn. This scared her and her friend to tears. They finally got the car free where they proceeded to back up down a snowy, icy road all the while the UPS driver was...
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Nick You can make a safety complaint to the US Dept of Transportation at Choose the start button under "public" then click the box for tru...


Linda Seems like your daughter need farther driving ed classes.Or better still stay out from behind the Wheel.Why?Should the UPS driver get out and Help your daughter,She should hav...

I liked
  • Tracking tool
I didn't like
  • Delivery
  • Poor customer service
In the past 3 weeks UPS has destroyed a shipment causing me to have to refund money to a customer for items I cannot replace (Vintage glassware), took me 3 weeks to a get a refund and reimbursement. Now they have returned a package to me as unable to be delivered (Based on information on their website you CAN ship to a PO Box as long has you have a telephone # - I had two of them!). Unfortunately they have returned the package to my old...
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MattD78 UPS will only accept shipments to a valid street address. We do not deliver to P.O. Boxes. If a shipper should use a P.O. Box address, the recipient´s telephone number must be...


Josh Show me where it states on their website where you can ship to a P.O. Box.


I guess the UPS "My Choice" account was to give you a window of time for a package to be delivered. In theory this is good but I had a package listed on the web site as arriving between 11:45-3:45. Later into the day, UPS changed it to delivered "by the end of the day" That means up to 7 pm. They are so pathetic!!! There is nothing in this universe more unpredictable than a UPS delivery!! I will now refuse to do business with any merchant...
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Received a notice that i missed my package, the notice said they will be back between 2-5. I left work early got home at about 1:40 and found a notice on my door they came at 12:48.... WHAT after they gave me an estimated time frame they now telling me that it doesn't matter what time is noted its a time from so have time options it should just say from 7-7... Customer service was no help i ask to speak to a manager i kept on hold for about 10...
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UPS has a habit, EVERY SHIPMENT, of posting that a delivery attempt was made when there was not. It probably is the driver trying to save 20 minutes of his day to get home earlier, but it has happened on every shipment I have gotten from UPS. I wait and watch for UPS, the driver never comes, and then posted ion the tracking is that a delivery attempt was made, customer not available. IT IS A LIE!!!!!!!!! I have reported it to UPS and they really...
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I ordered a part for my computer, which I NEEDED for school. I used 2day next day shipping, and express processing. A total of around 22$. Well the package is expected to take an extra 3 days. So why the *** did I pay 22$ when the company offers free 3-4 day shipping? UPS you suck, do something about it. I talked to someone who works at UPS and he was extremely rude to me. He made it sound as if it was MY fault the package didn't get here on...
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godd luck chuck Yes, the gubment is awesome at running things, just like the barrycare website, that thing is the bestest ever.


nikalseyn UPS has had some massive delivery problems recently caused by some bad management decisions and the fact their workforce is unionized. Best to go with FedEX---more reliable an...