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This just happened, pretty much word for word. Keep in mind, I live in Maine.

Me to UPS lady in Turkpakistindia: "Yes, I received a notice on my door today that the driver stopped by to deliver my package but nobody was there."

Fatima McGhandi: "Let me check...Yes, drivers notes say that he could not find address."

Me: "Then how did he leave a note on my door?"

Fatima McGhandi: "To let you know he could not find address."

Me: "OK, let's try this. Where is the package now?"

Fatima: "It looks like...(click click click) 123 Arroyo Drive."

Me: "I'm not familiar with that street. Does it say Bangor or Brewer or something?" (local towns)

Fatima: (click click click) "It says Mission Viejo."

Me: "Um... that's in California."

Fatima: "Yes, that is your local facility."

Me: "That's 3000 miles away."

F: "That is what we define as local."

Me: "OK, you're saying that the driver was at my house today with the package and this evening it's 3000 miles away in California?"

F: "Oh, yes sir."

Me: "UPS must have a magical transporter machine."

F: "Hold please..."

(10 minutes)

F: "Sir, your package has been shipped back to the sender in Montana. You may pick it up there. Have a nice day and thank you for calling UPS!"

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