I live in Lower Manhattan between Saint James and Madison Street.

Whenever the UPS guys come to deliver, no matter how polite I am to them, they go out of their way to look mean and angry.

I will thank them and wish them well as they barely look at me and appear as though they want to bash my head in if I say the wrong thing. I wonder sometimes if these are the Rikers Island reform program ex-cons. I am homebound,in a wheelchair and always home.

Yet I will check my Delivery status go from "Out for Delivery" to

"Customer not home" within minutes after 7PM. Always after I've waited until 7PM.

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What a ridicules complaint. Get a life weirdo.

Sassamansville, Pennsylvania, United States #614867

Would you prefer a song and dance as well? These are hard working people that have a difficult job to complete. Get a dog if you want companionship.

Seattle, Washington, United States #614862

are you looking for a date or a delivery?

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #612256

Some people have the type of face that just doesn't look real happy or friendly. Furthermore, some people don't like to make small talk. The whole object of UPS is to get the packages delivered, not to be friendly and sociable.

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