On July 5, 2014 I bought a 48" tv, basketball goal, and basketball from amazon.com, 2 day delivery. According to UPS tracking, the tv was on a truck and would delivered on Monday by 8:00 pm EST.

Monday was perfect because I am off every Monday. The goal was going to be delivered by FedEx on Tuesday, and the goal did come as expected. The UPS driver came to deliver a small box which contained the basketball. I asked the driver where was my tv.

This was a new driver; my husband knew and used to work at UPS with our regular UPS driver. The new driver looked at me and asked, "What tv?" I explained to him that my tv was supposed to be delivered today along with the basketball. He muttered in a smart tone, "I don't know nothing about a tv." My husband called UPS customer service and told them that we got the ball but was told that the tv is on another truck, so we should be getting it by 8:00 pm EST. After this time passed, my husband called again and was told that the tv would be delivered the next day.

The next day came and still no tv. My husband made contact with a supervisor who he knows personally at UPS. The supervisor told him that the truth is the tv is lost and to contact UPS to get another tv. How in the world could a big box like that get lost????

My husband told the supervisor, "Remember I used to work there. Someone stole the tv." Amazon ordered a new tv, which was flawlessly delivered by FedEx the next day.

I never want to use UPS again.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Dodowa, Eastern Region, Ghana #842354

You're a liar plain and simple.

The driver muttered in a smart tone? Please!

Of course he wouldn't know about your tv if it wasn't on his car. And you would know that IF your husband HAD worked at UPS.

Your husband never worked at UPS or he would also know that missorts and delays happen. Considering that UPS ships millions of packages a day, it's bound to happen.

And if he had worked at UPS he would not have just called an old supervisor to ask where his tv is and be told it was lost.

Do you think the management at UPS sits around all day looking at past employees shipments to see if something isn't delivered and then just call it lost? Or that they have that info at the top of their mind so when a past employee calls they will know?

No, his supervisor would have said it's probably been missorted and will arrive as soon as possible when it gets here. Good to hear from you. Or he would have started a tracer.

Next there is the matter of the supposed 500 loss.

How did you loose 500 when you got your tv supposedly the next day? That sounds like you didn't lose anything, genius. Lastly the bit about the FedEx delivered the next day, they rarely send tvs nda because of the size. Most likely the tv was originally sent via fedex and not ups and arrived as was originally scheduled.

They sent two things via fedex and one via ups. But for some reason you think UPS had the tv.

Did you ask the first fedex driver why he didn't have the tv when he delivered the goal post? You're just another dimbulb who she be kept away from sharp objects or ordering on the internet.

Richardson, Texas, United States #841644

If as you say, your Husband worked there, he would know the inner workings and that possibly it had been missorted and will show up at a later date.

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