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I have always been an avid UPS supporter; they generally come through with no problems. Boy, have I changed my mind!

I shipped a package in a wooden box secured with duct tape all the way around the package several times! I had a bad feeling about shipping it anyway and lo and behold, the package didn't get delivered on the day it was supposed to. The next day I tracked the package only to find out that the package had been missed and would be delivered the next day. Oh but wait!

Later that same night, they update the status to empty package discarded, contents lost!!!! Are you joking me? I WANT MY STUFF BACK!! This is just unacceptable and everytime I have an opportunity to tell someone else about what has happened, I plan to do so!!

This would never happen at the hub in Louisville, KY!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Columbia Falls, Montana, United States #611297

duct tape? probaby the only thing you could have used that would be worse would be scotch tape or painters tape (and don't think people don't use those too). you should have used screws to secure the wood box and/or stretch wrap with packing tape. duct tape is notoriously non-sticky, especially on porous surfaces like wood and offers poor performance in anything but moderate temperatures.

most likely your tape came off while running down a conveyer, the box tipped and the contents spilled out. also likely, the empty box came down the line at a different time than your poorly packaged goods. by the time they came down the line along with someone elses cr@p, there was no way to know who they belonged to.

lesson learned, pack your items correctly.

to Dark_Shaft #611309

OK lets assume this is ALL my fault. I took the box to the hub packaged as I described.

No suggestion was made that it was improperly packaged. I don't ship stuff everyday Sure would have been nice if someone familiar with packaging errors had spoken up!

And then there's customer service. How long would it have taken to have been notified if I hadn't tracked the package?

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