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I have been ordering things for Christmas and last night after dark

3 packages were placed on my porch. No one knocked or alerted me that they were there.

Around 11:00 I decided to check the locks and happened to look outside and there were 3 boxes on my porch. I was so annoyed. When I brought them in they were wet and soggy. If I had not looked out someone could have stolen my packages or they could have been ruined sitting there overnight.

When UPS delivers packages they should take the time to at least knock on the door to alert the person that packages are out there. I always get my packages after DARK.

Why? What happened to delivery in the day time?

I was very upset and had to write this note to let you know. Get your act together and be aware. Luckily my packages were okay.

But I am still annoyed. Thx

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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You're lucky they supposedly left mine at my door and I never received it. So either someone stole it, they lost it or maybe the driver stole?

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