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So my boss and me work on a bid for over two weeks for a construction project. Side note in this down economy we haven't got a low bid in about 8 months.

We get it completed and into UPS hand with a next day delivery before 12:00pm guaranteed. The bid has to be in by 2:00pm, no problem right. Wrong, they get it to the town and lose it on some belt we miss the bid which would have got.

19,000 low on 2,000,000 perfect bid they cost us 200,000 in profits which we desperately need so we don't go out of business, and what do they have to say, we can refund your shipping cost. F*#$ you UPS.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I ordered a new pair of golf irons from North Carolina and I live in ontario Canada. I spent about 40$ on shipping and expected the package within 10 days.

It never came at all and I had to go pick it up myslelf at a ups store. For the amount of money i paid for shipping its completely unacceptable. I feel your pain man!

Ups is total garbage. I hope they fail as company.

Winterset, Iowa, United States #93564

As a contractor myself, who submits bids on a regular basis, I ask myself why you would wait until the day before the deadline to submit your bid. Unless you hand carry your bid to the customer, you can not be certain that any delivery service, UPS, FEDEX or USPS, will get your package there in time.

Accidents happen all the time.

I would suggest next time you submit a bid, give yourself enough of a cushion with regards to the deadline to ensure your bid makes it in on time.

Typical response from people nowadays, blame someone else for their short comings. UPS said they would be glad to refund your shipping costs.

What more could you ask for? Maybe you should have insured your package for the expected profit margin, but you could only have collected has UPS lost your package.


don't blame the company for your stupidity, you should have called/emailed, instead of using snailmail. it would have been cheaper and faster and you would have saved yourselves a costly mistake.

to robot Tyrone, Pennsylvania, United States #629568

Agreed mr.robot, when they lose a physical object that could not be delivered by electronic means I don't ever feel bad. When they lose something physical that is an issue, doesn't everyone know these services aren't guaranteed. It's why they offer insurance for physical items.

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