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I ordered all the electronics to build a computer for my businesson October 23, 2010. After assembling the computer it was diagnosed there was an issue with 1 of three parts.

They were sent back and replacements were sent back to me on Novenber 5, 2010. Everything arrived as they were supposed to except the CPU. They lost it in Portland, Oregon. After waiting over 2 weeks I contacted the seller and ordered a second CPU at the cost of another $170.00.

UPS retards still havent found the original, even calling me to ask if it might have been sent to a neighbor. I instructed UPS how to look on there computer and it would tell them it never left Portland. After the second CPU never arrived I contacted the seller again, this time very upset!!! They contacted UPS only to find that it was still in Hodgen, Ill.

Checking the tracking of it, the CPU did make it to town and out for delivery. Stayed home all day waiting for the delivery and guess what. The inept, overpaid, solidafied pieces of human waste decided to drop it off at the post office. Dont ask me why cause I just saw the UPS delivery driver drive by my house.

My losses because of those idiots? Approximately $7500.00.

I will demand that exerything be sent by Fedex or Postal or I will not buy from the supplier. If I am lucky I will have a refund in about 30 days.

Monetary Loss: $170.

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I can not believe it I used even dummier as a joke and Wimpy went there, astonishing!!! Anyone want to take some bets he will go to even dummiest.


lol john i dont think he gets it.


UPS Basic is when UPS intially ships the item, but then hands it over to the post office to complete delivery. This is done upon the sender's request because it can be cheaper for small, lightweight items.

For you to say: "Tiger Direct is not responsible for what UPS fails to do.

Are you able to keep up so far.

UPS and only UPS is responsible for the lost article..." is completely missing the point. This was already explained to you below.


WOW!!! Very original EVEN DUMMIER...

Tiger Direct is noit a fly by night reseller. Secondly Tiger Direct is not responsible for what UPS fails to do. Are you able to keep up so far. UPS and only UPS is responsible for the lost article and what it has cost my business.

I will recover the loss of the part however not any losses to my business. I know you are completely lost in this conversation by now. I do have a back up computer. Hey Mr.

Rocket Scientist. What do you think I am writing and reading your studip comments on. lol ***!!! Now I know you wil understand this: ***....

Got Beer? No since in writing anymore. Gonna move on.

To many *** people in here. Can't reason with ***...


LOL @ doing business with Homer Simpson.

Remember when Homer starts an internet company called "Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega-Net" and Bill Gates comes and "buys him out" by having his nerdy goons break everything? That was a funny one.

Sorry, continue the discussion...


You know what! I would rather talk about your comprehension level.

I am willing to let go your poor decision you made that cost you 7500 hundred dollars in profits. Or the facts that you used some fly by night supplier for your computer parts. The crucial mistake, that you did not have a back-up computer in case of emergency, so you would not lose money. Or the fact that any Money you spent on the computer would have been tax deductable on this years taxes so the decision to save money and risk income is mind blowing.

The fact that you came on this blog and complain really takes the cake. I think I would rather do business with Homer Simpson then you.


What ever dumdum. Maybe you should quit proving your lack of even the most basic intellegence and maybe move onto something much more within your comprehention level like Homer Simpson.

lol :?

Later!! I ahve a business to run.


Hey wimpy when I wrote Dumdum I meant you, and once again you proved me right, in your own words to save 2900 hundred it cost you 7500 hundred you buy your items from some cut rate outfit that ship’s it on the cheap just like you. And you’re shocked when something goes wrong. In your feeble mind it’s everyone else fault but trust me when I say this everyone else thinks you’re an ***.


there you go then, ups basic. ups drops it off at the post office on time, post office loses it.

mystery solved, case closed. blame the post office not ups.


Mr. Dumdum.

At what point am I unable to decide whether to build my own computer or buy one. To purchase one over the counter to equil the computer I have decided to build would be $3800.00. To build that same computer cost me $868.00 with some extras. Not the first unit I have ever built.

Thats a savings of over $2900.00. Glad you are not running my business. Had the parts arrived, on time, as they were contracted to do, NO PROBLEM. WOW, where do they find you people.

I had no control over who the shipper ships with. Unfortunately as I find out, they use UPS and yes they do drop off at USPS.

The shipper did in fact send it Basic. Out of my control.


Let me get this straight you order parts to build a computer instead of just buying one. You screwed that up and break some parts and have to reorder the now bad components one of the components gets lost costing you more time and money then you blame UPS for costing you money.

So as I see it in your quest to save $500.00 by building your own computer it ends up costing you $7500.00 you need to rethink your business decisions. A smart business man would not but himself into your position he would have spent the extra $500.00 and would be 7,000.00 dollars richer.


Well, to be fair, you didn't say they were incidental losses, you just said you were out $7500. Also, UPS NEVER delivers something to a post office, unless requested by the sender via UPS Basic.

Sounds like that may be at the root of the problem here. If you requested UPS Ground/Air, and the company you ordered it from decided to save money by sending it UPS Basic, which is basically a UPS/Postal hybrid service, I'd pursue it with them.


Who are you to tell me what my losses are. Obviously your comprehention is lacking some intellegence.

Have someone explain to you very slowly what "lost revenue" is.

I never said I was not goin to receive a refund. I said it would be about 60 days from the original ship date till I received my refund.


You're not out 7500.00. If something doesn't get delivered, you get a refund, plain and simple. Sounds like you've had some bad luck and have a right to be upset, but there's no need to lie.