I was awarded a judgement against ups in district court in birmingham al on 03-16-2012 and to date ups has not sent any monies to the court clerk,Well I guess I going to have garnish some wages which is a shame,I will be posting the law suit along with the judgement on the web soon. also onto my face book maybe this will get their attention,and I am also thinking this case is so small when you look at the size of ups maybe it has just slip through the cracks at any rate so did my packages and the shipper is the only one that ups would allow to file a claim with them and the shipper would not file one so the customer hands are tied so i went after both,specialty merchandise of califonia is next for they would not intervene on my behalf until a few days before court day an atempted was made to return my money of which I told them I would talk to the after I finish with ups,maybe this is what's needed to get all their attention.

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