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Was informed by UPS via email that my package would be delivered on 9/16 by 8:00pm. They then changed that to: by the end of the day.

I purposely did not move from my home all day to be sure to catch the delivery. By 8:00pm no UPS delivery had been made. I decided to check on line to track the package. To my surprise it showed a delivery of 10:43am with a note: left with woman customer.

I, the woman customer never received that package. After some investigation with other tenants in the building I learned the next morning around 12:00 noon (this is 24 hours after the package had been delivered and still not in my possession) that my package had been delivered to the office person who in turn gave it to the building representative who took it to her apartment instead of promptly delivering it to me. So as I was conducting my own investigation trying to locate my package,the building rep at that moment was leaving her apt and motioned to me that she had a package for me. Since she had in the past held onto one of my packages for a period of 6 days and is totally irresponsible I wondered that had she not seen me, my package would still be sitting in her apartment.

I blame the UPS driver who was at fault for not delivering the package to me personally, and for falsifying the written record by indicating that he had delivered to the customer. And for those two incompetent who accepted it with total disregard as to their timely delivery to the concerned party. I complained to UPS who responded that the driver has total discretion and they practically washed their hands of the entire thing.

1) I totally wasted an entire day waiting and 2) finally got my package after more than a 24-hour delay and 3) got into an argument with those 2 incompetent building reps. who absolutely denied having done anything wrong.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

Reason of review: package left with unauthorized person when interested party wasavailable. Falsifying of delivery record by driver.

Preferred solution: UPS must accept responsibility. Drivers must do a better job and keep a true record of their deliveries. Not try to cover their tracks by lying.They must be held accountable and someone must take responsibility.

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