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I had a package stolen from my house that was worth over $200. I reordered the item and requested that a signature be required for delivery, as I cannot sit home all day waiting for this package, and I was planning on having to go to the UPS dispatch to pick it up.

The driver decided to leave the package on my doorstep again even though a signature was required and I was not home. It was of course stolen again, and when I called UPS to complain their representative said that it was my fault and would not concede that I was in the right to think that requiring a signature for delivery has any bearing on what the driver actually does. He said that, "it is up to the driver if he wants to follow that, its his discretion." Why even have this option if lazy drivers can just disregard it because they don't want to carry the package back to their truck. UPS has been excruciatingly painful to deal with and if I have my way I, and all of my friends, family, Facebook friends, twitter followers, and anyone else who will listen will NEVER use UPS again.

This has been the worst customer service I have ever dealt with and if I do not get a satisfactory response from someone at the company I will have no choice but to sue. UPS is a common carrier so you have a fiduciary duty to make sure what I am asking you to do gets done.

This was not the case and I can prove it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Pick Up Service.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Humph! All this *** reminds me of an experience I had with a moving company once.

When I looked at the paperwork, the man in charge of the crew that did the moving assessed all of my stuff as "damaged" in some way shape or form. Deny it or not, but I KNOW that he did that just to cover the company's butt in case any damage did occur during the move.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #701419

Thats what I thought but the package weighed 14 pounds and I would bet the driver didn't want to carry it back to the truck. No one signed for the package that I can tell on the UPS website even though it says it was delivered at 1:44pm on that day.

I got home at 7 and it was not there, called the UPS hotline and the guy said that its "up to the drivers discretion if they want to follow that checked box requiring the signature or not." I asked him to clarify and he repeated this phrase a few times, then I asked to speak to his manager and he said he couldn't do that and I had to file a missing package report with the company I ordered the package from.

Effectively, UPS is not at fault at all, in his, and the corporation's mind.

to Anonymous Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #701933

Correct. Simply writing signature required on the box does nothing.

You have to pay for that service ahead of time when creating the shipment. No fraud on UPSs part.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #701415

No, as "Wanda" stated, it is impossible to have a signature required and leave it without a signature.

Richardson, Texas, United States #701388

The first question to ask is

"What is the name of the person who signed for it?"

What does the tracking history show? track a shipment.

A driver CANNOT leave a package without a signature when one is required, the delivery board will not close out the stop without a signature, which means the driver cannot record another stop in the board until the existing stop has been finished.

The tracking history will help shed more info on this, as what we have is not enough to work with.

to Wanda #703419

I had a package delivered yesterday.... but it was to the wrong house.

A block away on a different street. The driver left it on their steps. I do live in a little town and thank god the people knew me and called me this morning. It had signature required on it because it was a very expensive item.

When I went online to track it today to see what it said... The status is that it was delivered yesterday and signed for with my last name.

Huh... I know the people that found it on their doorstep didn't sign for it so I guess the driver did.

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