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I had bought several things which where sent via UPS. None of the packages I paid for needed to have a signature in order to leave it.

However UPS wouldn't allow me to have my own package, without one. I went away and found out that because I hadn't been home that day my package rather than being dropped at my home was sent back to the company because of lack of signature. If packages go back most likely you have to either go find it at a Ups warehouse or have shipper send it back which is extra money. This has not happened once but twice.

I called they said they would fix it and never delivered the package on the day they said they would. It was send directly back. So if you UPS service person decided he doesn't want to leave a package he can demand for himself that it must be signed for even if this is not the instructions from the shipper. I believe they are covering their butts.

I already paid for my things and now I have to pay more shipping and sit on my butt all day waiting for the UPS guy. They are misusing the rules and then we pay. I live in an apartment building. The office is open that could simply leave package there if they really wanted too but they won't leave my package for me.

Instructions say nothing about having to have me sign to get the package. So leave it alright. I tired of calling when I get a final notice when I never received one even before. They are making up their own rules so that you will have to spend more getting package back.

I won't use UPS again.

They refuse to give me an answer on why they aren't doing their job correctly. Drop of the package and stop asking for a signature that is no needed.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

I didn't like: Second customer agent.

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As an employee of ups I can say that the reason why. Is actually very simple.

You live in an apartment building. There is a very disturbing trend of packages either being stolen or grabbed by children. If that happens, the driver is liable. If ups corporate decides that the package was dropped in an unsafe location, the cost comes from the drivers paycheck.

It's all the drivers judgement. If the package seems to be of value, most of the time the package will not be left at an apartment building without a signature. It could also be that the driver felt like they were being followed. There is also a trend of people following ups and fedex drivers and stealing packages left behind.

Aside from that, ups delivers more than 6.5 billion packages a year and we are only human. Don't judge us too harshly.

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