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I ordered a Samsung HDTV via Amazon. When the truck arrived, I looked inside, and noted that the (large) box, clearly marked "This Side Up", was upside down.

There were two large holes in the box, apparently from shipping damage. When the driver took it off the truck, the box contents sound dreadful; rattling and loose. The driver said, "You better open it" and I did. Luckily, I could see no damage to the interior box that contained the TV.

As a precaution, I wrote to UPS about the problem thinking that the TV might not work. I received no response from this contact. I later contacted them again received a response saying that a rep.

would call me regarding the issue. I've never heard from anyone.

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Modesto, California, United States #644282

unless you are shipping by freight carrier, no carrier (ups, fedex, or usps) will guarantee directional shipping ie this side up. packages travels miles of automated equipment, skinny lcd tv parcels can't travel upright in such systems.

all that said, i'm not sure what your complaint is. your tv works but you want someone from ups to acknowledge noting is wrong with it? sounds like you're crying over nothing.

hey nothing went wrong with my shipping i want you to accept blame for nothing. and if you don't i'll post on a website for no reason. tool. #smh

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