Ordered a package and also paid extra for 1 day shipping on a Thursday. Said it was shipped on Friday and I expected it to be at my house after work (around 3pm) on Saturday.

That was not the case, and since there is no post on Sunday I'm sitting here still waiting 3:34pm on Monday without my package. Although it's not necessarily important that I have my package in the quickest fashion, I would appreciate if when I spent money it would actually be for what I paid for.

I'd love to say it's just me getting these problems but it's not, there are people who order important things and if they don't get them when the really need them, and when they are ordered accordingly, it can pose to be a major problem. We would appreciate if ups could get their *** together

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Newbury Park, California, United States #764319

Good luck with that, UPS operates as they see fit. Next time use Fed Ex!

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #735755

You paid extra for Saturday Delivery?

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