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4 comments is a consumer awareness website designed to force ESIGN and UETA compliance within the shipping industry. Current systems, such as UPS' DIAD,have an editable package count number (which UPS admits to) yet offer no receipt to the signatory.

Tracking numbers link to individual packages but no receipt is offered that itemizes every package (and its tracking number) that was signed for. This faulty system puts senders and recipients at risk of fraudulent records.

Please visit the website for more details.

All facts stated within the site are true and verifiable.

Please help bring attention to this pertinent issue.

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You have the right to count and check everything you sign for. Once that stop is signed for and completed-drivers CAN NOT go back and edit anything!!!


UPS is just dreadful!!! Tracking info is NEVER correct! And when something goes wrong no one is willing to help you...its always "contact the shipper".

I dont know how shippers put up with customers constantly complaining that their shipments dont arrive or arrive damaged.


I have had problems with Fed-ex so keep up the good work


i totally agree. UPS is THE WORST!!

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