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Update by user Jun 09, 2017

It turns out my boxes were labeled for ground and the FAA never should have been called. I had to do a great deal of phone calling and emailing to get this resolved, if I had not it would still be sitting at the warehouse. Once the FAA pointed out they had nothing to do with the shipment it still took 2 days for the UPS to process their paperwork but I did get back my shipment.

Original review posted by user May 26, 2017

I tried to ship 2 boxes of nail polish to Canada. I did not have the boxes marked because the receiver didn't want to be charged extra customs and said it would be fine to mark it glass collectibles.

this was my first experience with UPS and I didn't know I needed to give them a copy of the contents. They held it up due to "commodity description needed" but gave me no notification of that, I found it by checking tracking and that was the next day. It took several phone calls and emails to find out they just needed an invoice and I did supply that by email. The local office opened the box, looking for the invoice, saw it was nail polish and says they had to call for a FAA review.

My boxes had to received by tomorrow and since that will not be met I told the office holding it that the shipment is cancelled and I want it back. They say they can't release it until the FAA reviews it but won't give me a timeline for that or who I can contact to push that along. Nail polish is allowed on airplanes in luggage, I don't understand why they had to call for the review.

At any rate, I pulled off my info off their website so they can't bill me for shipping it, because I missed the deadline it will get returned to me. I just really want to get my boxes of items back as soon as possible and nobody can tll me how long this is going to take.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Iparcel Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: let me get back my shipment I will go get it.

I didn't like: Inability to do their jobs properly, Poor customer service, Inability to do their jobs properly poor customer service.

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Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States #1338200

I got my products back. It so happens UPS never did call the FAA, I called them and made them aware.

They inspected by photos sent in emails and determined by boxes were not labeled for air shipment, I did label them for ground so they said they had nothing to do with it. It still took 2 days to actually get my boxes because of UPS paperwork but I did just last night.


I took it to my local UPS store.

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #1333863

On one hand, the UPS Store personnel should have been versed in shipping International with the Declaration of Contents.

However, had you been upfront regarding the contents, most likely your shipment would have been refused (UPS Stores or 3rd parties are not allowed to ship Hazardous Materials).

You then should have been directed to a UPS Customer Counter, or provided the # for Hazardous Materials shipping.

It really boils down to the Receiver providing you incorrect information which lead to this entire mess.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States #1333627

it needs to be on the list, clearly and easily defined. The entire point is being missed that the shipment is cancelled, it is not going anywhere now, they need to give me back my items and they will not.

to repsak Dallas, Texas, United States #1333633

I am the first to admit I don't read all the terms and conditions, though in the UPS Terms of Service, any item presented for shipment which is prohibited, can be destroyed at the sole option of UPS.

Might be what happened in this case.

Was it shipped from a UPS Customer Counter, or a 3rd party such as the UPS Store?

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States #1333515

I will add I could have flown with this in my checked luggage without issue. I purchase and receive nail polish by USPS on a regular basis.

The date needed for it has passed, it will not be shipped now, that is my complaint.

They are still insisting FAA has to inspect it and the FAA may confiscate it. It is not being shipped now, it will never be shipped, I do not understand why the FAA still has to get involved and I also don't understand why they won't give me back my items.

Dallas, Texas, United States #1333416

Are you shipping from the US to Canada?

What was the total fluid ounces of nail polish were in each box?

It is correct you sent it by air?

You did not supply a Declaration of Contents at the time of shipping?

to Anonymous Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States #1333510

yes, to Canada. 64 oz to each box.

I didn't ask them to ship by air, whatever transit they were using was their choice, I had noidea. No, I didn't know that I had to do that.

Phone calls explained what was wanted, I did supply the declaration thru email, the dept. I sent it to forwarded it on and the store here in WI "does not read emails" and opened the box looking for an invoice.

to repsak Dallas, Texas, United States #1333619

64 ounces, as in half a gallon per box?

I am unable to comment on TSA Regulations for checked luggage, but as far as UPS goes, there are strict limits on shipping flammable liquids.

The nail polish is considered a hazardous material, due to being flammable.

the hazmat # is 800-554-9964

International shipments, 800-782-7982

I have been with UPS more than 25 years, and deal with all types of shipments everyday.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1333193

So, you chose to try and go around Customs by lying about the contents and you think it is UPS's fault that Customs is retaining your package? Unbelievable.

to Anonymous Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States #1333211

customs is not retaining my shipment, it hasn't left my community yet. All they had to do was call me and I would have corrected and paid for my error.

They had the paperwork and didn't need to open the boxes. If it got as far as customs I also would have paid that.

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