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Ordered a product from China that cost $126 + $4.76 shipping from UPS. Order wasn't what I wanted and received permission to ship back package to get a total refund.

UPS wanted to charge me $124 to ship the package back after charging only $4.76 to deliver it in the first place. Shipping costs outweigh the value of the package. Raw Deal! Great!

Now this *** web site wants me to rant and rave for awhile longer so I meet their *** minimum word standards.

So, yada, yada, yada, yada. Is that enough or do you need some more?

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Orlando, Florida, United States #809903

The company in question probably has a specific deal worked out with UPS in regard to the shipping charges they pay and charge their customers. This price is completely different than average Joe trying to ship things to China.

Yeah, a normal sized parcel going by UPS to China costs $150. Fedex costs even more than that.

Also the shipping price includes duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees the initial shipper may already have worked out/not have to pay. In other words yeah, international shipping is expensive.

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