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I shipped 4 tablet computers from Naples, Florida to Canada on May 10th 2014. The box was strong and UPS counter accepted it. I packed the computers myself and I know the packing was excellent. The package arrived with the box split open at the side.

One computer screen was damaged beyond repair.

UPS dragged their heels arranging to visit the receiver, Naples office blamed the Canadian UPS.

Eventually a person arrive at the receivers home and took the damaged computer and said he thought the packing materials were fine.

Claim was rejected for poor packing, despite the obviously damaged box.

I had insured the shipment and the local UPS are now blaming the insurance company and the Canadian UPS service.

The local (Naples. Fl) company say they are objecting to the decision and requesting payment for the damage.

UPS is out of control!

Reg Garratt 4th June 2014

Monetary Loss: $158.

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