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Update by user Apr 24, 2017


Got a comment on my claim that is posted on Peopleclaim which recommended that I file a complaint with my state's Attorney General and Insurance Controller because UPS apparently purports to offer insurance but they actually do not nor do they have any intention of honoring the claims when something goes wrong.

The Internet seems to be rife with negative comments on this practice and it seems to be far past time for such practices to stop. I filed a formal complaint with both state offices today and am awaiting a response but I thought I would reach out here as well.

Update by user Apr 15, 2017

Still no word from the company. I informed the BBB of their last response and my actions.

I have filed a claim on Peopleclaim in the interim and the claim has just gone public. I must say this runaround has put me completely off ever shipping with this company again.

Update by user Apr 05, 2017

04/03/17 Received call from UPS and they stand with the original belief that since the external package was not damaged, it is "not their problem". I'm afraid this is completely unacceptable and a slip-shod way of doing business.

There was no place that I saw which stated that "claims will be honored only if the outer package is damaged". I have a person who has waited over a month an a half for a refund and I do not have the money to refund. That was the entire point of insuring and I must say that if they did in fact have a disclaimer stating that "only packaged visibly damaged will have their claims honored" somewhere on their website then their custom will diminish significantly. Also, I am not the only person who has had fragile items damaged by this company.

I have read some of the reviews on this site and there is one person in NY who has a complaint similar to mine and they are taking the company to court. Plus, if one looks at the amount of negative comments pertaining service on this site as well as Consumer Reports, one gets the sense that although UPS claims to be dedicated to their service and consumers, this is clearly not the case.

Update by user Mar 25, 2017


Finally received a call from a UPS representative after nearly a month. I explained the situation all over again and she asked if the outer package was damaged.

I replied no and she said that in all her years of experience, the people who honor claims do not do so where there is no external package damage.

I find this to be an extremely casual attitude for a company to have. Damage may occur on the inside without any damage to the outer packaging. Cardboard has a bit of give and it is not necessary for an outer package to sustain damage while the inside is broken to bits.

What if the medical profession took this attitude? Many diseases and injuries would go untreated because of no "external damage".

There are many other industries which would fail if people took a look only at the outside. Certainly industries such as insurance agencies would prosper because they would not have to honor the claims for various internal damages (be it physical, structural, or medical) but they would lose money in the long run because the public would lose faith in their services.

If this is what UPS wants then I say continue on because in the long run the company will fail and perhaps another company will emerge who will actually take the responsibility for the hazards of their profession. As I have stated in the initial review, I took all steps necessary to protect the object.

I shipped it out better than I received it yet it arrived at its destination damaged and I get this "Since there was no external damage it isn't our fault" attitude.

Let me just say this: Take the previous attitude and quantify it to all the other insurance avenues and see how you feel when you have a legitimate claim or issue and it gets tossed aside like an empty carton. This is NOT how a company gains consumers or repeat customers.

Update by user Mar 18, 2017


I received a response from my complaint with the BBB. UPS asked for my information again.

I provided them the tracking information and I failed to provide a contact number. If this gets to anyone handling my issue within the company, I have provided the information here. The BBB page did not allow me to go back in and edit my response.

However, I do not understand why it is so difficult to honor my damage claim. I mean, if it wasn't packed properly in the first place (which indeed it was), UPS wouldn't have shipped it.

It is now nearly a month since the incident happened and all I want to do is refund the poor person who had the misfortune of opening the box up and discovering the rare item ordered was cracked.

Based on the general comments on Consumer Affairs, I do not see how the company has such a high rating with the BBB and other places.

Apparently my experience is not uncommon. I must say, that I have had no issue when I have been on the receiving end (for the most part) but as this has been my first experience as a shipper, I am going to be extremely hesitant to try such a venture again.

Original review posted by user Mar 16, 2017

I was forced to sell a limited-run statue (only 2500 in existence) to get rent money. I found a buyer in a collector's group on Facebook and we discussed price and shipping options.

The price agreed was $400 and the buyer wanted to ship via UPS. I went to UPS and created a shipping account just for this purpose. I insured the product for $450 to cover the shipping cost which at that time I was unsure of. It was shipped out Feb.

6th. I passed the tracking information on to the buyer via Facebook on the 7th. On Feb. 10th, the buyer informed me of the item's arrival and the breakage due to its journey.

He submitted pictures of the breakage and I filed an insurance claim and instructed the buyer to repack it so UPS could pick it up and inspect it. They did so on Feb 15th. I received a denial for the claim due to "improper packing" on Feb. 17th.

Which, if the package was packed as they say, "improper", it wouldn't have been shipped to begin with. According to the buyer (and this is copied from our Facebook conversation: "It all looked like it happened in transit based on how you packed it. I noticed the strategic styrofoam for all the pieces, so I'd definitely doubt it left you in the condition it arrived." Which indeed it didn't. The statue was encased in a die-cut foam container which was inside the product box.

The product box had four pieced of Styrofoam around each corner on the top and bottom. I placed a large piece of packing paper between the product box and the shipping box then taped all sides of the box (top and bottom) with packing tape five or six times. There was also a faded "Fragile" sticker on the box. The color of the sticker was faded but the word could still be seen.

According to the buyer, when it reached its destination: "one big thing was all the tape that was torn open when it arrived, only one corner was still taped shut." This was definitely not how I had sent it. I tend to overdo my taping just to ensure that the box does not pop open. In light of these circumstances, I cannot see how I could have packed the item more properly. I have also filed complaints on other sites such as Complaints List and I have filed a formal claim on Peopleclaim and the BBB and have yet to receive word from the company which to me seems extremely unprofessional.

I have images of what it looked like before and after the shipping plus I have the entire Facebook conversation with the buyer saved.

I just want to be compensated for the damage. That does not seem to be too much to ask for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Ground Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Package was not handled with care.

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The only time I use UPS, is if the product is something they cannot damage. I have even had boxes of film with foot prints all over it. This is a very unprofessional company; and does not care about the quality of their service.

to Dan Richards Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1308359

I personally did not want to use UPS but the recipient requested that I did. But look at the end result. It would have been safer for me to transport it myself to the destination had I the time to do so.

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