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I posted a wedding ring online through craigslist. The ring was worth $26000, but I had it for sale for $20000.

I was contacted by a supposed couple that lived in Louisiana. They stated that they were headed to Denver for their anniversary. I spoke to them off and on for about 5 days. They decided that they wanted to buy my ring.

I researched the safest way to ship the ring and get payment. I called UPS several times and they all told me that through COD, they would pick up whatever form of payment I requested, and if it was not what I requested they would not hand over the ring. I decided to ship through COD. I also decided on payment thru USPS Money orders since you can't stop payment on them.

I went into our local UPS store. After the cashier, by the name of Kristin, had everything processed, I noticed that my receipt said "Cashiers check or money order," I questioned her on this because I specifically requested USPS MONEY ORDERS ONLY for payment. She told me that they come together as one option and then you specify which payment you want in the notes below. In the notes below, it said "USPS MONEY ORDERS FOR COD ONLY!" I have this in writing on my receipt.

They also wrote in black, bold, writing on the box " USPS MONEY ORDERS ONLY". UPS delivered my package on September 16, 2010 and took payment of an OBVIOUSLY, fake cashiers check and handed over my ring to a man and didnt check ID. I didn't receive payment until September 26, 2010. I insured my package both ways for $20000 and paid hundreds of dollars for the insurance.

I have been calling UPS since then. Nobody ever returned my calls. Finally, today I get a call from UPS saying "Sorry, we can't help you, we did our part and delivered your package and collected payment. They did not collect the payment requested.

The driver basically picked up a check that looked like a 2 year old drew it on a piece of construction paper and handed my ring over to somebody other that the person it was addressed to. the detectives working on the case called into the security dept thur ups and they told them " tell her to sue us, we go thru this all of the time and we always win". I would have never shipped my ring if I knew that UPS was lying to me. They told me they ckecked ID first, collected whatever form of payment I requested, and then handed over my package.

They didnt do either. I am now out a $26k wedding ring, that was insured thru UPS, and the have the audacity to tell me "sue us"

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #914808

Hey, I feel for you. I went through the same *** with UPS.

I am in the wholesale business, and use UPS on every shipment. A customer contacted us once saying he had a few stores and needed some merchandise. He didnt want to put it on CC since the amount would be very large, so we went the route of UPS COD. We called UPS of course made sure it was Certified Check only, and insured our shipment with over $10k worth.

Once we shipped we tracked that delivery to the door, and even called UPS to make sure they picked up the Certified Check. After 3 weeks of course (UPS loves holding your cod check for weeks at a time for no reason) we got the check in the mail.

The second i opened up the mail i looked at the check and thought WTH why did UPS send me a photocopy of the check. And then i noticed, it wasn't a photocopy, it was the check the driver picked up!!! First off i must say, to everyone out there.

You 'CHRISTENHORTON01' was NOT joking when she said "looked like a 2 year old drew it on a piece of construction paper". The check (or paper i should say) looked like a type writer from 20 years ago type out everything. Nothing was aligned, and even the bank name it came from never existed. There were about 20 things i pointed out about the check to UPS that showed blantly that anyone that would take it knew it was not a check and just a piece a paper that was printed out.

Even the writing on the back portion of the paper was cut off, showing the person just flipped the paper over in their printer and printed a back side.

Through weeks back and forth with UPS they basically said "we did our part, we have no responsibility". I spoke with lawyers and even federal agents, and all of them basically said, 'if you go to court your going to spend more money than you will get back'.

In summary, DON'T USE UPS COD, its a SCAM that UPS probably gets a cut from the receiver on it. Its all a ploy to throw a piece of paper in your face and say 'deal with it'. I wouldn't be surprised if UPS used this option as a bonus to their 'best' drivers.

Like ' Hey Howard, you did so well this month on deliveries. Here is a COD shipment for working so hard.

You deserve it.' ' But wait make sure it's not a 5 year old who writes up the check. It must be 4 year old and under...' ...And then of course they go to their Christmas parties and share each others selfies as they are picking up the check.


i know that was *** on my part. the ring was handed down from family.

i am not rich. i am broke thats why i was selling it.

thanks for the big boost in confidence. really, it was needed!!!!!!

to chris Marietta, Georgia, United States #805503

I have a feeling the same may have happened to me. Sorry for your loss.


Well first off your rich and dumb, craigslist... cmon, should of went through ebay or had them send payment to a paypal account therefore if they didnt recieve the ring then they could deny payment, and or if you sent the ring then paypal would know because you can send them information on the ring with evidence, it isnt usps fault, its your fault for being a rich whiny tard


You made a big mistake by first selling a ring like that on craigslist, another mistake by mailing it and another by using UPS.

to ACE Orlando, Florida, United States #805864

Let's not forget the third mistake of sending it COD. Who does that anymore?

There are bank transfers, checks, tons of other ways to ensure a secure payment. There's a reason why even infomercial mail-order companies stop accepting CODs in like the 1980s.

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