UPS has absolutely terrible customer service! I have had to retrieve my packages from the shrubs in front of my house, where there is a very secure sun porch available for deliveries, and I've lost count of the number of parcels that I had to deliver to my neighbors when the driver delivered to me by mistake.

I believe that the employees' bad attitude is probably a direct result of the poor management practices that are rampant throughout the company. Did you know that: 1. The drivers are required to punch out for breaks and lunch, but are not actually permitted to take a break because they're too busy? 2.

Drivers are trained never to run (for safety reasons), but are told by their supervisors that if they don't run, they won't be allowed to continue working with UPS. 3. Drivers are expected to work off the clock while loading and inspecting their trucks. They don't get paid until they leave the UPS facility.

4. Package handling at the UPS facility is nothing short of horrifying. If you want your parcel to arrive undamaged, use another shipper.

When you see the commercial that says "See what Brown can do for you", be assured that the results will resemble ***.

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