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When an overseas package arrived C.O.D., it was a surprise to me. My payment to the merchant was "In full" and included shipping.

I double-checked with the merchant regarding the C.O.D. charge. The merchant stated that they were not requesting additional money from me. I called UPS and was ultimately told that they were collecting for US Customs.

I felt uneasy with how UPS evaded my direct questions, their changing answers, and I thought it odd that US Customs did not collect any money due them themselves and told UPS so. I was told that I owed this C.O.D. amount, that it was for customs, and that I needed to pay before I would receive my package. Later, when I got a cryptic, nonsensical receipt for that charge, I called my CC company and asked for their help to find out who really requested and took that money.

Nothing on or inside the package indicated that it passed through customs or that money was owed to them. My CC company forwarded me what UPS sent to them. It is as non-sensical and cryptic to me as the receipt. It appears that the C.O.D.

amount went to UPS, for reasons still unknown to me. This incident with UPS makes me feel quite uneasy.

How is this not a crime? Who holds UPS accountable for their business practices?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Lack of Transparency for COD Charge by UPS.

Monetary Loss: $157.

Preferred solution: I want a written transcript of my phone call with UPS regarding the COD charge, my money back if the COD money was not paid to US Customs and a detailed, written account for the COD charge and who profited .

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Payment is for UPS to get it from one address to another. In this case, going to a foreign country, Customs in that country may impose Duties, Tariffs, etc.UPS has no way of knowing what those charges may be for items going to or from other countries.UPS pays those costs and has to recover from the receiver.Hope this clears it up some.

to Anonymous #1446759

I appreciate your attempt to clarify. The inability for UPS employees or their paperwork to clearly state that this amount was for duties, tariffs, etc., is why I question the charge.

I am the one who asked them if this was a Customs charge, it was not them telling me so. Their answers were evasive, such as, "Well, it could be for this reason ... , or it could be for another reason, ...." A couple of their reasons included that I had not paid the merchant or had not paid "In Full" and directed me to contact the merchant with my questions/concerns. They said that it was odd that the UPS driver did not write on the notice who the C.O.D.

amount was for, and since they didn't, then they, the Customer Care person, could not tell me either. I was to write a check or use a cashier's check, but who was I to address it to? I asked to use my CC, because I felt that it would offer me some protection if this was a scam, of some sort. I was assured that my CC card receipt would show who received my money and the reason for the charge, but the receipt did not.

Merchant Reference # 28 was listed as the receiver. Even my CC company said that it should be clearly stated in the records who received the money and found the lack of information on the receipt "odd." If this is a Customs charge, why is it not stated matter-of-factly by UPS verbally or on paper?

Why the lack of transparency? It makes me not trust the legitimacy of the transaction.

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