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We were wondering why there was a UPS truck parked in a shaded area behind our school. So as we were walking with our children pass the van we heard somebody inside having sex!!!!!

I told the children to move along and we went home. As soon as they were safe inside I went back to the truck to find out who was in the van and what they were doing. I could hear the noises and I walked around and the side door was open and I quietly climbed in without making noise and peeked in the back they were going at it! She was the ugly crack *** in the neighborhood and I started to yell GET OUT OF HERE YOUR IN FRONT OF A SCHOOL WITH CHILDREN WALKING BY!!!!!

and the driver looked up at me and kept *** her and she started cursing me out so I climbed all the way in and started throwing packages at them but they didn't care so I took out my camera phone and got pictures of them and the driver just kept telling me GO AWAY and the *** started throwing packages at me so I found a bottle of coke and shook it up and sprayed it all over them and then they stopped!!!! that's what a mom has to do in the neighborhood these days!!!!!!!

Preferred solution: ban sex in the truck or near children!!!.

I didn't like: Unethical business practices.

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Lincoln, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom #938117

I was the Ups man

Lincoln, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom #938110

UPS now making special deliveries...


The preview I clicked on said something about a frozen kitten, but this is way better anyway.


So where are the pics?

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