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Many packages that comes to my door I have had an issue with it. Either it arrives late, not at all or looks like it has been put through the blender or arrives at the wrong address.

The most annoying thing this UPS driver does is ring my door bell. Before I put the sign up to not ring it, they never did. As soon as I started putting up the sign they do it all the time now and knock. A few times I beat them to the door and the driver looks down and runs off in a hurry because he knows he is making me angry. Not that I have ever done anything but give him a dirty look.

I have a toddler and am trying to set up a home business that I have pretty much given up on because my daughter won't take a nap anymore because she keeps getting woken up. The only time I can get anything done is when she is napping. So, they woke her up so many times and I have a sign on the door that says do not ring.

One day I had ordered some rugs and it never came but in the tracking says it was delivered. I have had to call up companies to replace products because they were mangled on more than two occasions. At this point I will list it as 100 dollars lost to play it safe but it could be way more.

What is going on with these people? Do they not pay them enough and if not why are they taking it out on me? I am having the same issues with the OTHER company too. It is to the point where I am ready to do one of two things. Either get some investors together to create my own shipping company with qualified people who work for me or stop shopping online.

I notice people who work for unions tend to exhibit this behavior and I think we need to get rid of unions.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Merritt Island, Florida, United States #598316

You act like a demented fool. You think the world revolves around you and your child.

It does not.

Get used to it. Start your own shipping company and yopu have to deal with the fools!

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