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I've been on the phone for about an hour attempting to locate 3 packages that were "Left at Front Door". I'm mobility handicapped and depend on my packages being delivered since driving is not doable. Waited all day and then received the electronic notice the packages were at the front door ... they are NOT.

After an hour waiting on the phone I gave up and wheeled out the front door, down the drive and over to the garage ... low and behold there are my packages tossed in a pile against the garage. NOT the front door and definitely NOT a place where I can retrieve them since they're too heavy for me to lift into my wheelchair and push over a 2" rise!

There is absolutely NO phone number listed by UPS to complain about basic service issues with this carrier and NO local number to contact directly.

So now about $2,000 worth of goods is laying in front of my garage by the road, one on it's side that's electrical equipment and hey if you're strong come get them because I can't! I'll have to call for help and hope they arrive before any theives do.

Pure BS.

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Chantilly, Virginia, United States #759779

Assume they were left at the front door. IF you can't even drag them or shift them, how did you expect to retrieve themn from the front door?

BTW - I just googled UPS customer service and there was the number in giant black letters.

1 (800) 742-5877 a two second effort. Whew, I'm exhausted!

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