UPS is a mismanaged corporation. They push their people to the absolute limit and then kick them when they are down.

The job can't be done properly with their expectations and unrealistic workloads. Very few of their employees are loyal to the company but at the same time are very loyal and appreciate their customers. We know it is the customer that puts food on our table. UPS delivers nothing but misery to the thousands of people that work there.

It would probably be incorrect to blame drivers solely for an undelivered package and dishonest recording of a delivery attempt. The driver was most likely following the instruction of incompetent management and a failed technology system that attempts to remove all human thought out of all processes of all UPS workings. You could not even begin to grasp the system they use.

It will tell you up is down and left is right but you are forced to follow it. Probably because they spent countless millions on its development so now they will ram it down your throat.....you all thought last Christmas was bad.......the future could be much worse.

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