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Update by user Mar 15, 2017

I walked into the UPS store and was able to pick up my package the very same day from a very nice gentleman. This review now makes me feel like I'm bipolar.

Original review posted by user Mar 14, 2017

My phone broke last week so I ordered a new one. I'm a real estate agent so a phone is about as important to me as oxygen.

I ordered it to arrive on Friday. Apparently, UPS tried to deliver it while I was out of the house and would try again on Monday. MONDAY?! I need it now!

I can't go a whole weekend without a phone! I could miss out on 10's of thousands of $ in that time span! I tried to arrange to pick it up but the soonest that they can accommodate pickup can pick it up is on Monday. I might as well wait for them to ship it out to me again if I have to wait that long to pick it up anyway.

Monday rolls around and I'm glued to my couch all day which is 3 feet from the front door so I couldn't miss the UPS guy. My daughter gets off school, still no phone. I sit on the couch for another half hour and see a UPS truck outside. YES!

I open the door and there's a new note on my screen door. "Will try delivering again tomorrow," and I see the truck pulling away. WTF?! The guy didn't even knock on the door or ring my doorbell?!

He just left a *** *** note! He didn't even try to deliver my phone! I'm pissed so I try calling my local UPS store to no avail. It's just an automated answering system with no way to talk to an actual human being.

So I waited for it again today. I had to leave the house for 1 hour to close on a house.

Sure enough, during that hour I missed the UPS person again and have a nice new note on my door saying "This is our final attempt." Bull-***-***! *** UPS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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