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I sent a $900 fixture plus $166 for shipping and some with no address by a compltly different name signed for it. So I am out $1100 well $300 deducted from my paypal account a $600 in collections.

It was a long drawn out process. Like 6 months before they complained about not getting it then a few more months went by... now UPS says its too late for them to worry about it? WTF?

I am still worried about it! Anyone have any ideas on what I could do? I sent it to a Cindy Ispen but Lomedico?

signed for it at a dock. The address is some bike shop and they never heard of either one supposably.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Account.

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i sold it to them... and never heard anything so I assumed they got it.

Accually I am sure they got it since they waited 6 months to say something. They did pay and I got the money untill paypal deducted it back out of my account.


You paid to have your package sent so you should have tracked it. As soon as you saw that the wrong person signed you should have done something right then!

It is your fault you sat around for six months and did nothing. The receiver should have worked with you on this one also.

They didn't pay so it was no loss for them to worry about. I would be asking for some money if I were you

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