Unbelievable - UPS is the WORST delivery service in the entire world. That also makes them the worst in the US, and the worst in every other country where they operate.

They say they attempted to deliver my package to my office where Fedex delivers every day, and that someone refused my package. No way, they didn't ever attempt delivery. It's amazing that a company can stay in busy when they lie and cheat. How can a company this size get away with this in America.

Just plain poor service, poor quality, poor people. UPS - no wonder that Fedex eats your lunch everyday.

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How about realizing you might have someone who is dense enough to refuse your package? You're ready to believe someone from your office over someone who might have actually taken the time to deliver it.

Actually, FedEx has been known for it's terrible delivery service and UPS is actually considered more professional and outstanding. Next time before you speak, you should do your research.

to Anon Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #829370

Myself and Many others have never had a bad experience with FedEx. I don't know what you sources are but it simply isn't true

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