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I’m a small business owner. I receive several shipments per month via UPS. During the last 3 months Ups has misdirected, lost, and delayed many of my shipments costing me quite a large chunk of steady income. This is just one letter I wrote to them detailing their incompetence. I have received no reply to any of my letters. If you’re dealing with UPS, put on your waders to slog through the brown.

My UPS #********* shipment arrived on March 6, 2008. It was shipped on Feb. 21, 2008 Saver Express. It was flown on 15 separate flights between Salt Lake City and Louisville [no wonder your service is so expensive] because a UPS employee entered the wrong destination information in your system. The correct information was clearly marked on the outside of the box as was the shipper’s phone # and mine. The shipper always tapes a large address label written in black wide sharpie on the box separate from the waybill. I have photos of the unopened box detailing this. Neither of us received a call from you as my package jetted back and forth. I spoke with UPS several times asking if it was at all possible for some one to actually READ the address on the outside of the package. I was told that was impossible as the package MUST be sent to the address which was incorrectly entered by UPS. In other words, UPS makes no allowance for human error and would rather put the package on 15 flights before checking a reported error on your part. Finally on March 6, 2008 you noted,

“THE PACKAGE WAS MISSORTED AT THE HUB. IT HAS BEEN REROUTED TO THE CORRECT DESTINATION SITE.” I lost sales because of the delay and my shipper has billed me the $105.00 USD UPS shipping charge. Please inform me if my shipper and I have any refund available on this shipment. I certainly would like to “see what brown can do FOR me” instead of TO me.

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Ordered Aluma Wallet March 9, 2011 Have not received yet. When I can expect it.


Deb, did you ship your package using your UPS Account or somebody else??? the Guarantee Service Refund is good for 2 weeks I believe,but in order for you to file the refund you must be the account holder for that UPS Shipper #. The guarantee service refund will be VOID in situation beyond UPS such as earthquake, bad weather,etc but any than should be able to get your Refund for your shipping cost (not the fuel charge).

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #11927

We also have had a bad experience with UPS this past weekend. They have absolutely no customer service and once I was able to talk to a supervisor, they told me I could get a refund because they did not meet the overnight delivery guarantee.

"But please call on Monday to get everything refunded". After the call on Monday, I was told that I was out of luck and was not eligible for a refund. Soooo.... they too are getting a letter and a letter also sent to the Better Business Bureau.

Maybe the more the squeeky wheel "squeeks" someone will take notice. sigh.....

At least in a perfect world, that might happen. We will not be using UPS ever again.

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