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4455 7th Ave S

Seattle, Washington 98108

I hope this is the right\'s hard to find the address for the hub your talking more thing:

If you go online and enter this complaint you will see I\'m not the only one saying the same thing!

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I'm speaking on behalf of 300 people who live in my apartment complex in Seattle. My apartment manager and I have talked to and posted letters to all residents asking them to write a complaint to UPS about packages that are not being delivered due to substitute drivers skipping their delivery to my complex based on it's location, parking, and over the confusion of how to enter my complex. They instead fake a delivery attempt and skip our complex. We have been trying to relay this problem to, the Seattle UPS Store #4884, 1700 7th Avenue #116 Seattle, WA 98101(206)624-1550,

that delivers to us and they are ignoring our complaints. I was basically told tough and given excuses about substitute drivers not having experience. We as customers should not expect to have to just be victimized by UPS's inability to do it's job right. It is not our fault that it's training of substitute drivers is inadequate. We have lost, stolen and undelivered packages on a constant basis, which has prompted some residents to move out of our complex! UPS will do nothing to address this problem!

UPS needs to address this problem and do something about it instead of passing the buck and giving us the run around. If this matter isn't addressed, we will take our letters and send them to your corporate headquarters!

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1) Speaking of passing the buck...High security buildings/prisons are not UPS' problem, they are a problem of the end user...You/your building. UPS is not responsible for training every driver at their centers on the impenetrable nature of your residence/cell block. The average driver will have a hundred stops and handle several hundred packages in a day... spending an hour attempting to penetrate your (or any of the other hundreds of similar locations) defenses is not going to happen. I suggest you/your manager leave specific instructions at every entrance to assist the unfamiliar driver or continue to wait until the regular driver returns...which according to you is constant. BTW, if your driver is constantly gone how can she be so awseome?

1) Your local The UPS Store STILL is not responsible for the delivery of your local packages.

3) I'm not your budd. Are you sure you live in Seattle and not San Francisco or West Hollywood?

4) I wasn't "trying" to be condescending, I'm happy to condescend directly.


I also wanted to add that I said substitute drivers....these drivers don't care if the package doesn't get delivered because it is not their route. They just pass the buck on to the next substitute driver or the regular driver of the route!

Our regular driver is awesome, but when she is not delivering then that's when the problem occurs..."with the substitutes"...our driver even knows about this problem, but her management will not do anything about it! This is why we are complaining.

If you repeatedly had packages lost or not delivered for years would you be happy? :eek :upset :sigh


You don't even know my complex it is a sealed complex with an electric lock front entrance. Sorry I cut and pasted the wrong address..big deal.

The deal is that you have not lived here at my address for 7 years and seen this skipping of package deliveries occur all the time!

Just ask my apartment manager! Bunch of BS..and don't try and be condescending to me buddy!!


Two things:

1) There is no incentive for a driver to skip your entire complex; those packages still have to be delivered. SO the next day they will have those packages and 200 others.

2) The UPS STore is not responsible for the delivery of your packages. You need to contact the local center or hub.

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