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I recently ordered a keyboard tray through an office supply store who shall remain anonymous as they are not at fault.Anyway, it was due to arrive to my apartment on the day after memorial day.

However, when I was waiting for the delivery to arrive on the aforementioned day, I received an email, saying that my package had been delivered the previous friday! Plus, when I went to check for the package, I was unable to locate it! Frustrated, I called UPS to see what was going on. The person on the phone said that the driver had tried buzzing the unit (I live in an apartment building) left a note on the door the day prior to the delivery and that when he came back it was signed so he left the package by the door.

The thing is, this NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENNED! Every day after I ordered it, I checked the dropoff location for boxes or notes and there was never anything there. Also, the driver never buzzed my unit because I was home on thursday and friday and never got buzzed. After explaining all of this to the person on the phone, she said that my order was delivered so it was no longer in the driver's custody, but she could have the driver go back and check the drop off location today to see if he could locate the package.

I said sure and proceeded to wait until 8 PM and guess what? THE DRIVER NEVER SHOWED UP! Finally, I said to *** with it, and called the company I ordered the product from and explained the situation to them. They were very helpful and reordered the product for me having it shipped to their local store this time.

However, once again it was to be shipped through UPS. Since I was feeling a little bit forgiving as I can understand a mistake every once in a while from a big company like UPS, I agreed to have it shipped to the store. Once again, UPS screwed up however. I received a call from UPS telling me that my order had been dropped off at the store, so after work that day, I stopped by the store to pick up my order, but, lo and behold, the package had NOT, in fact, been delivered.

The worker at the store explained that a lot of the time, UPS will mark an item as shipped before actually putting it on the truck, so it would probably be another day to get my order.

After all of this, I am sick and tired of all of this bullsh*t.

I will never again buy anything from a company that only offers UPS Shipping and will never use UPS to ship anything either.Plus I will tell all of my family and friends not to use it either, because if this is the kind of service you can expect from them, they aren't worth the money you spend on them.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of no solution to problem and customer service attitude. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problem with delivery of ups delivery service. Ups needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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