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My package has been in my state for the past 4 days and they just now decided to 'transfer to the post office' and now I have to wait 2 more days... Had they informed me my package would be dumped on USPS I would have requested pick up...

Thanks SO MUCH UPS for screwing over my daughter on her birthday (AGAIN) and making her wait almost an extra week to get her gifts...

Every year it's some new *** with you lazy f**ks. I don't care if I have to fight with the companies I order products from I am not using this *** service ever again.

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Oh UncleSlappy the HUMANITY. Your princess of a daughter had to wait ALMOST AN EXTRA WEEK TO GET HER BIRTHDAY PRESENTS?

Whatever happened to shopping for your kid's birthday locally? If it's the same new *** every year, why do you continue to use UPS?

It's your daughter's birthday and if you want to make sure it gets there, pick an EXPEDITED service, not a service where UPS turns it over the USPS for the last leg of the delivery (BY THE WAY THIS IS BY FAR THE CHEAPEST SERVICE YOU CAN UTILIZE WITH UPS).

YOU screwed over your daughter on her birthday because you're a cheap son of a ***. Did she get her presents?

Okay then... stop your ***.


Its true. You get what you paid for.

The service level you selected is the cheapest and gets transferred over to USPS. That level does not allow any delivery change options.

Opt for Next Day Air and you won't have to worry... Or at the very least ground.


hey *** ***..that's the service you picked...quit being cheap and you'd have it. lol dummmy

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