I placed an order that was to arrive this week. A "could not deliver without signature notice" was left on my apartment door which is inside the building. I signed the back which says "I authorize UPS to leave my package(s) here. I agree that UPS will not be liable for any loss or damage that may result from leaving shipement at my request".

So I called t ask why my package was not delivered and a second notice was left. I was told that is was UPS policy that they do not deliver to apartment complexes do to the liability for stolen packages. How is anyone supposed to know that.

I explained that I signed the notice which aleviates them and that no other delivery service in this area has a problem with leaving a signed note.

I think the driver was too *** to flip the notice over and check for a signature. I have had many packages delivered by UPS to another apartment complex 5 minutes away.

So now I have to wait until Monday morning to get a call back from customer service. Three more days waiting for my package for no reason. Now I am inconvenienced an connot get refunded for shipping since it was paid for by the shipper.

This is *** poor service. For some reason I have to wait until Monday( today is Friday) to talk to customer service because UPS is now closed(7:00PM) but I was put on hold so the representative could call customer service to submit my information. WTF

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I have been waiting all day for a package and they never came to the door. At 5:25pm according to tracking they left it at the "front desk" which why I don't know I had no notification of this nor did I authorize anyone to sign for my package.

It didn't update until 6pm and the office was closed.

I don't understand I was home ALL DAY I work from home they didn't even bother to knock on the door. Though they have delivered wrong packages to me in the past.

to Michele Lakeland, Florida, United States #859958

understand your rights, u.p.s. is a private postal carrier and must follow the same laws.

Your package or whatever you send is private property and u.p.s. must follow the laws and have legal responsibility to deliver. u.p.s. is interstate and is therefore federal, file a federal claim of theft or discrimation,look into a lawsuit, your private property cannot be tampered with.

if people stood up for there rights than these things will stop .u.p.s.

is getting lazy and sloppy and disregard our rights and become self-centered and abusive. Stand up for your rights and we all will have a better society....



They just told me this has been their policy for a long time.

The only options they gave me to receive my package are: 1) Take an entire day off work to wait so I can provide a signature at time of delivery or 2) drive over an hour to the "local" UPS office to pick up my package.

They would NOT change the delivery address to my work, deliver to the apartment office one block away, or specify a reasonable time frame for me to wait at home.

For this, I expect and hope UPS goes out of business.


if the driver feels that is safe to leave the package then will.if not then he wont leave it. believe i work for ups and i do that sometimes


No one told you that UPS doesn't deliver to apartment complexes. No UPS employee would ever say that.

That never happened.

Signing the back of a door tag doesn't require a driver to leave a package when a signature has been requested by the shipper. If the driver didn't leave it, you can bet he's had problems with packages dissappearing in that area before.

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